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STFFFantastik is a special selection featuring cult-classic "fantastik" films from 1970s–80s Turkish cinema could be an intriguing and culturally rich event. These films not only offer a unique perspective on popular international cinema of the time but also showcase the creative and experimental nature of Turkish filmmaking in the fantastik genre during the 1970s–80s. Their cult status and distinct storytelling make them excellent selections for a festival dedicated to celebrating the eccentricities and innovations of Turkish cinema from that era.

We are excited to see you again at SIFF Cinema Uptown between November 15–17 and celebrate the gala together at KEXP on the 16th!

STFFFantastik 2023 Selection

Seytan (aka TURKISH EXORCIST)                        

Metin Erksan | 1974 | 1 hr 41 min

Directed by award winning filmmaker Metin Erksan who won top awards at the Berlin and Venice Film festivals, and whose film Dry Summer was chosen for restoration by Martin Scorcese’s World Cinema Foundation, Seytan is an almost scene-by-scene remake of the 1973 masterpiece The Exorcist, by the late William Friedkin. But made for the Turkish audience with an imam in place of a priest, and a Quran in place of a Bible. As one of the early examples in Turkish horror cinema, and featuring some of the name actors of its time such as Agah Hün and Cihan Ünal, Seytan has earned a cult following by fans all over the world. This presentation of Seytan has been made possible by Dr. Iain Robert Smith from King’s College London.


The Man Who Saves The World (aka TURKISH STAR WARS)

Cetin Inanc | 1982 | 1 hr 31 min

Directed by Cetin Inanc, one of the most prolific filmmakers in Turkish film history who directed nearly 150 films between 1967-1987 in genres ranging from action, western, to science fiction. One of the most intriguing films in Turkish Cinema history, The Man who Saves the World is filmmaker Çetin İnanç’s attempt at a fantasy science fiction that gained a cult following over time and is now part of midnight screenings all over the world. Faced with challenges of its time including censorship imposed on Turkish cinema and intense demand from the industry, the film contains scenes and/or music copied from a total of 19 Hollywood films, including Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope and Raiders of the Lost Ark. This presentation of The Man who Saves the World has been made possible by Dr. Iain Robert Smith from King’s College London.


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