It is festival time again and it is our pleasure to welcome you to STFF, starting with the Opening Gala and our surprise guests!

November 9, 6:30 | Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, AMC Pacific Place
124 minutes | Ozan Açıktan | 2017

The neurotic Fikret and tavern singer Solmaz, whose 21 year long relationships end on the same day, meet through a funny coincidence. When Solmaz's daughter Zeynep decides to marry her lover from Adana, the ever-fearful Fikret ends up having to play the role of his life. Intended at first to be kept in the family, the wed-ding becomes a much bigger event upon the insistence of the groom's relatives. Can our heroes come to terms with the traditional Adana family who carry guns and own a kebab restaurant chain, and see the wedding through without mishaps?

9:00 pm Friday, November 9
AMC Pacific Place

103 minutes | Ümit Ünal | 2018 

Neslihan is a devout housewife. Born and bred in Istanbul, she spent most of her married life in Anatolia's provincial towns due to the nature of her husband's job.She is a shy, but amiable woman. Her days go by thinking about what to cook for dinner. Her husband and family friends are fond of her cooking skills.When the town is being plagued by a number of mysterious deaths, Neslihan becomes suspect number one. The newly appointed deputy, a young, clever and ambitious man who has had professional training in the States, feels there is a link between the murders and Neslihan, but fails to find evidence. Neslihan keeps cooking the sheriff's goose by playing the role of a slightly mad woman every time she's about to be busted.

9 pm Saturday, November 10
SIFF Film Center

115 minutes | Onur Saylak | 2017 

Gaza dreams of escaping this life, but can't help being drawn into a dark world of immorality, exploitation and human suffering. Can you avoid becoming a monster when you've been raised by one? Onur Saylak's debut feature, adapted from the award-winning novel of the same title by Hakan Günday, one of the first novels to document the refugee crisis in Europe, "More" is the gripping story of a boy that gets to grow up in a world where there's no room for innocence.

9:00 pm Saturday, November 11
SIFF Film Center

122 minutes | Hüseyin Tabak | 2018 

A young filmmaker sets out to explore the eventful life of the famous Kurdish director, actor, and revolutionary Yilmaz Güney, who achieved international attention by films like Yol (Palm d'Or, 1982) or Sürü (Golden Leopard, 1978).

9:00 pm Friday, November 16
SIFF Cinema Uptown

A celebration of the festival and the many excellent films! Join us on the final night of the 6th Seattle Turkish Film Festival to screen the closing night film “Taksim Hold`em” at SIFF Uptown which will be followed by a party at Dandylion for invited guests and attendees of the closing night party.

Join us at a wine/beer reception and a chance to meet Michael Onder and Berk Hakman.
Address: 532 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
**We will have limited space for the party so please hurry up and get your ticket!
9:30 pm Saturday, November 17
Dandylion Seattle
117 minutes | Tolga Karaçelik | 2018
Close-up of an astronaut's face. The astronaut is Cemal. Kenan dubs home videos for a living. In a classroom, kindergarten teacher Suzan weeps frantically. They are the sons and daughter of Mazhar. Now, after being 30 years apart, their father calls them back home to their village of Hasanlar. They don't know why. When they arrive to Hasanlar, they realize that their father is dead and in his will he asks to be buried when the butterflies come to the village to die; one of the many strangeness of this village. Three siblings who neither know each other nor anything about their father will have to kill time in this village while waiting for the time of the butterflies. As they start to find out more about their father and about each other, they also start to know more about themselves.

3:30 pm Saturday, November 10
SIFF Film Center

150 minutes | Yavuz Turgul | 2017 

He is a boss who dedicates his life to grow up the textile empire he inherited from his father and does not hesitate to follow ruthless methods for it. He decides to choose a different life after a heavy traffic accident.

6:00 pm Sunday, November 11
SIFF Film Center

67 mins | Ela Elisabeth Beken | 2017 
It's about children who unwillingly left their country of birth and since then have been existing in-between in a third culture. The director Ela Elisabeth Beken unlocks the inner dynamics of history to see through the children's eyes and feel through the children's hearts. A Piece of Germany envisions a peaceful world where people get along well in peace and friendship regardless of their religion or skin color.
The 6th Seattle Turkish Film Festival and UW NELC Turkish Ottoman Studies Program present Panel Discussion:
In 2018, Germany is still having trouble integrating the third generation of Turkish immigrants while Turkey is dealing with its own version of immigration crisis: Hosting over three million Syrian refugees. Leaving your home/homeland is never an easy decision and integration to your adopted country can define your (and your family’s) future. Focusing on “A Piece of Germany”, panelists will have a conversation with the director Ela Elisabeth Beken on the notion of ‘identity’, belonging and the impact of identity on socio-economic outcomes.

Ela Elisabeth Beken - Director “A piece of Germany”
Dr. Nurettin Beken - Music Composer “A piece of Germany”. Associate Professor of the Ethnomusicology at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.
Dr. Resat Kasaba - Jackson School Director and Stanley D.Golub Chair in International Studies. Prof. Kasaba is an expert in the history and politics of the Middle East.
Dr. Selim Sirri Kuru - Associate Professor at UW and current Chair and Graduate Program Coordinator of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.
Dr. Niko Switek - DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor for German Studies at UW Jackson School of International Studies
Sirin Aysan - Journalist, Director and Producer for Documentary Programming CNN, Vice, Nat Geo

6:30 pm Tuesday, November 13
UW Thomson Hall 101

107 minutes | Ali Atay | 2018 

The 8 membered Mermer Family which works in Tat Resaurant for a long time in Haydarpasa Station, faces the consequences after a secret of theirs comes into the open.

3:30 pm Saturday, November 17
SIFF Cinema Uptown

107 minutes | Ali Atay | 2018 

In this session, top 10 films of STFF Shorts 2018 - Short Film Competition will be screened. The winner of this year, Onur Yağız, will be attending for the Q&A after screening the films.

6:30 pm Saturday, November 10
SIFF Film Center

113 minutes | Aydın Orak | 2017 

A documentary based on famous writer Yasar Kemal's 95 years. The documentary mostly puts emphasis on Yasar Kemal's political life and concerns about Turkey rather than his works in literature.

3:30 pm Sunday, November 11
SIFF Film Center

108 minutes | Pelin Esmer | 2017 

Leyla (Başak Köklükaya) is a lawyer and a poet who has decided to attend her high school reunion after 25 years of neglecting previous invitations. Canan (Öykü Karayel) is a young nurse in training who dreams of one day becoming an actress. The two women meet on the train and quickly form a relationship as each sees something of herself in the other-women making their own way in a sometimes hostile world. Gradually, Leyla learns that Canan's reason for travel is more momentous than previously thought: She is traveling to the home of a colleague's friend, a quadriplegic man, to assist him in his suicide.

6:30 pm Friday, November 16
SIFF Cinema Uptown

90 minutes | Michael Önder | 2017 

On a Saturday night in Istanbul, despite the pleas of his fiancée, cynical Alper refuses to join the anti-government protests happening on his doorstep. He just wants to stay home for his weekly dose of poker, played with his regular crew of high-school friends. Alper's game is threatened as his friends set off on a series of passionate, and at times ill-thought-out, squabbles on whether they should join the demonstrations or not.
Don’t miss out the QA with the director, Michael Onder and the actor, Berk Hakman!

6:30 pm Saturday, November 17
SIFF Cinema Uptown



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